the journey of valdorcia


walk, breathe and dream in the green heart of the Valdorcia

 UNESCO World Heritage Site

45 km / 28 km / 15 km

SAN QUIRICO D'ORCIA (SI)                                   30 october 2021

30 october 2021 ...... let's walk together in the heart of Valdorcia

A unique experience.....the true path of the Valdorcia, the journey you won't want to abandon, you'll want to stay and admire "the great beauty" that nature has given us but that the hand of man has been able to shape to his liking. You will have the company and the testimony of those who have passed through these places: saints, popes, poets, painters, great leaders but also the brigands who wrote history....and here everything has remained intact over time, traditions handed down over the centuries, monuments and villages that speak of lived history.......... the Valdorcia "land of wind and desert" defined in this way by Mario Luzi, rich in fine wines, olive oil, salami, cheeses, fine the icon of the made in Italy and is now preparing the festival of spring with its myriad of colours and scents.a true festival of living in a slow way walking on the path where Ultratrailer who will face the now traditional "Tuscany Crossing" the Ultra journey of 50 / 100 / 160 km