Fun motorized walks of about 15, 24 and 45 km, open to all organized by ASD Sienarunners in collaboration with the Pro-Loco of San Quirico d'Orcia and Castiglione d'Orcia.


Everyone has the right to participate, minors can take part in the event under the responsibility of a parent.


From August 1, 2019 it will be possible to pre-register online until the end of the available seats, after December 31, 2019 those who have booked will have a week to regularize the registration by following the instructions via email.


15 km € 15,00

24 km € 25,00

45 km € 35,00


Registrations Online and at the pre-sale points will be closed on Saturday 10 April 2021 or when the maximum number of 1000 subscribers is reached.


Piazza della Libertà, San Quirico d'Orcia
7.00 am Green Heart walk 45 km

8.30 am walk 24 km

9.30 am walk 15 km


To be defined


By registering for "THE CHAMBER OF VALDORCIA", the participant expressly authorizes ASD SIENARUNNERS (from now on, the Organizing Committee) to film, by television, cinema, photography or other means, the image of the participants during their participation in "THE CHAMBER OF VALDORCIA". and to confirm with this declaration the said authorization recognizing the Committee the right to record, reproduce, print, publish and project them, broadcast them, and in any case use them by any means currently known or that will be invented in the future, without time limits or of any kind, throughout the world. The participant also declares that he has nothing to claim from the Committee and/or its assignees and/or assignees, and in general from anyone who uses and exploits his image, being every claim of the member satisfied by the opportunity to take part in the sporting event.


Participants will find solid refreshments provided with drinks and sweet and savoury food (also for coeliacs) about every 10 km and water points will be set up about every 5 km.


The Organising Committee will provide an appropriate medical assistance service.


For registration information:


The duly registered participant declares to know and respect the regulations of "THE WAY OF VALDORCIA" published on the website , and is aware that participating in "THE WAY OF VALDORCIA" and/or sporting events in general is potentially an activity at risk. It also declares that it voluntarily registers and assumes all risks arising from participation in the event: falls, contact with vehicles, other participants, spectators or others, weather conditions, including hot heat, extreme cold and/or humidity, traffic and road conditions, that all types of risk is well known and assessed. Being aware of the above, considering the acceptance of the registration, the member in the interest of no one else, raises and releases the Organizing Committee, exempted from all present and future claims or liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, arising from participation in the event. Once the registration to "THE WAY OF VALDORCIA" has been accepted, the participation fee is not refundable but transferable to the next edition.


The member is responsible for the ownership and custody of his race bib, acquiring the right to use all the services mentioned in these regulations and subsequently communicated. a) Anyone who, without regular registration, participates without a bib, in addition to being held responsible for damage to persons or property, including himself, may be liable to the criminal penalties provided for the crime of "theft" (art. b) Anyone who, without regular registration, takes part with a forged bib number or in any case not in conformity with the assignment, in addition to being liable as indicated above, may be liable to the criminal sanctions provided for the crime of "theft" (art. 624. penal code), or, alternatively, for the crime of fraud (art. 640 penal code). In cases a) and b) participants may be liable to the penalties provided for the crime of "failure to comply with the provisions of the Authorities" (Article 650 of the Italian Criminal Code). The aforementioned cases will also be found after verification of photographic and/or video documentation.


In accordance with Article 13 of the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR") we inform you: A) that the data contained in the registration form are required for registration, to prepare the list of participants, the possible ranking, the historical archive, to carry out the services declared in the regulation and to send information material to the Organizing Committee; B) that the consequences of not providing the above mentioned data or information consist in the non-admission to the event; C) that at any time the interested party may consult, modify, delete their data free of charge by writing to the person responsible for the processing of personal data the Organizing Committee (info@,,,,,)


By registering for "THE WAY OF VALDORCIA", the participant declares that he is fully aware of, accepts these regulations and releases the organizers from all liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused or derived from him. Participants must respect the rules of the Highway Code. According to the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data ("GDPR"), before registration the athlete is required to read the documentation on the protection of privacy, available on the website and to express his consent to the processing of personal data in the manner provided. The data provided will be processed in compliance with the rules set out in European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data ("GDPR") and used exclusively for the purposes set out in this Regulation.


If the race is cancelled and/or, in any case, not run due to causes that are not dependent and/or not attributable to the will of the organizers, including the revocation of the authorization to run by the competent public bodies, the participant will have nothing to claim from the Organizing Committee or other co-organizers, not even by way of reimbursement of expenses incurred and those incurred, the signing of the application form is also valid as a waiver of any claim for damages and/or compensation and/or any claim for compensation and/or satisfaction of any financial loss suffered and suffering.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time to update any changes that will be made to the UISP regulations or for any other reason it deems appropriate to improve the event. The participant must always refer to what is published on the website


For anything not provided for in this Regulation, please refer to the specific regulations and laws in force. The organizing company reserves the right to change at any time any clause of these Regulations for reasons of force majeure. the race will take place on a mixed asphalt / dirt track. Participants will not be allowed in any case to tamper with the race bibs by concealing any wording and/or symbols, under penalty of disqualification. All participants in the race are required to comply with the highway code.

It is expressly forbidden to be accompanied by a bicycle or other unauthorized personnel.